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COLOUR Dark red NOSE Formic & glacial higher notes. Beneath, a more familial oaked nuttiness (hazelnut?) recedes to reveal aromas of black licorice, anise and black olive. Condensed glazed fruits. A coulis of berries and stone fruits. Wafts of coffee-grind, pan-scrapings/jus also ascend, hovering over a persistent base of cold lamb fat & marrow. A sprinkle of lavender and exotic spices. PALATE Cohesion, vigour, sheen, poise – four borders of a frame that structurally binds the lofty palate ambitions of this South Australian blend. Fresh & balanced. Neither exaggerated nor over-ripe – lively blueberry & other youthful blue/black fruits. Unmistakable barrel-ferment characters more pronounced on palate than nose. If the mid-palate is formidable, by contrast the back-palate is creamy and caressingly endearing. Expansive & full. Texturally, chewy/grainy tannins and just-right acidity abet succulence & mouthfeel. PEAK DRINKING 2029 – 2065